Thursday, May 15, 2008

athletics weekly not exactly optimistic

This past weekend was pretty typical for me but Brian had Friday off from work and today (Monday) off from work, too - lucky man.  Friday at work was definitely one of the worst days I've had here - a Top Ten Worst day, but maybe not a Top Five Worst day.  So, there's always an upside.

By the time I got home from work I didn't want to see anyone other than Brian or talk to anyone other than Brian.  But, I didn't want to be completely anti-social.  We called John and Melissa and set up plans for Saturday night and then we got into our pajamas at 7pm - it was glorious.  Brian and I had dinner and watched TV, including an episode of Lost, and had a great night in.  Brian has the amazing ability to relax me and calm me down on those crazy days.  I would start thinking of work and he would immediately be able to calm me back down again.

 Saturday morning we had practice for praise band at church and that went pretty well.  Talking to other women in the church that are moms or that are pregnant really makes me want to have a baby sooner.  Sigh...I need to be patient with myself.  Brian and I spent most of the afternoon grocery shopping and getting stuff for the house.  At night we went over to John and Melissa's for dinner with their family and for games.  We played Dutch Blitz for the first time (I played one time a LONG time ago and didn't realize how much I'd forgotten!) and that was a lot of fun - except for poor John who couldn't play fast enough to keep up with the rest of us.

 Sunday morning Brian and I went to both church services - we lead music in the first service.  Brian volunteered to shovel the church parking lot (so people could see lines and walk on the sidewalks) in between services and it made me so proud of him! The sermon was on money and debt - and it was almost identical to the sermon from our very first visit to our church almost exactly a year ago. Last year it was a great reminder to keep doing what we've been doing with our money.  This year it was an encouragement that whatever happens we'll be ok. After church and lunch, Brian and I took a wonderfully long nap and then just watched TV and hung out at home - nice and relaxing.
I definitely need more calm, relaxing weekends and days off!

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