Thursday, June 1, 2017

Erectile Dysfunction Problems and Remedies

Many a man are afflicted with erectile dysfunction symptoms but only a minority seek medical help for erectile dysfunction causes. For effective erectile dysfunction treatment, it is vital that one possess good understanding of the symptoms, causes and available safe solutions.
Erectile dysfunction in young men, otherwise known as male impotence is a condition where you are not able to sustain erection of the penis during intercourse for a reasonable length of time. In some severe cases you may not even be able to get it to stand up at all. This affects the quality of sex life between couples and may lead to marital dissatisfaction over time.
The causes of erectile dysfunction in young men are categorized into two types: psychological and physical factors.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors for erectile dysfunction are caused by conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression and can affect self esteem and the feelings you have towards sex.

Physical Factors

Common physical causes of erectile dysfunction are hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, a drop in testosterone levels and diabetes. Erectile dysfunction may also be a side effect of consuming some medications. Luckily, when this happens, medicines or habits can be changed and there is sometimes not a need for more medication.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

There are several erectile dysfunction remedies available for erectile dysfunction treatment. The condition can be remedied regardless of age. Sometimes, simple changes to one’s lifestyle such as cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes can drastically improve the condition. If the condition is caused by medications, your doctor may need to prescribe other drugs as an alternative or suggest that you reduce the dose you are currently on.

Psychotherapy remedies

Psychotherapy may be recommended for some patients as erectile dysfunction remedies and very often, the patient only needs to undergo a few counseling sessions to see improvement. Through psychotherapy, you will be able to talk about the stress you experience from financial, work or relationship problems. This helps to relieve anxiety and you may be advised on some methods to cope with stress.


Medications may also be prescribed to the patient. Some are consumed orally while others are to be injected. Often, natural male enhancement medicines such as Extenze are prescribed and to be consumed hours before any sexual activities. Medicines such as Extenze work by relaxing penis muscles, allowing more blood to flow to the area and maintain erection. See more on
However they should not be consumed too often as mild side effects may occur such as headaches, nasal congestion etc.
If you are taking nitrate drugs for heart diseases then I would advise that you should steer clear of male enhancement medicines as they can cause a severe drop in blood pressure.


If you suffer erectile dysfunction it is important for you to realize that you should not delay medical treatment just because you are too embarrassed or shy to discuss the issue.
In fact, the earlier you seek help, the earlier you can resume a healthy sex life with your partner.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Size Matters - Bigger Penis is More Desireable

In society today everyone wants something bigger, a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger title, so why not a bigger penis? It is an undeniable fact that majority of the women, the one's I know anyways are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts and just as many men are unsatisfied with the size of their penis. This is despite the fact that majority of the men fall into the average category and yet still considers that their cocks are not big enough.
Over the years experts in the penis enlargement field have conducted several studies and unanimous surveys. The purpose of such studies was to determine whether women would prefer to sleep with a man having a long penis or a thick penis. The results of the studies show that women are spit, some prefer a long slim penis because they like the deep penetration, while other prefer a short thick penis because it stimulates the vaginal wall for maximum pleasure. However one thing is for sure, women do prefer above average cock, be it size (length) or thickness (girth).

The pressure faced by many men to perform in the bedroom combined with desire to sexually satisfy their partner and feeling of inadequacy has given birth to ever flourishing Penis Enlargement industry. Men are marching by the thousands to websites looking for solutions to aid them with bigger erection, bigger penis, increase sperm volume or other products to enhance the lovemaking. Men are now taking on the "can't beat em, join em" attitude. Quite frankly, I Jumped on the band wagon a few years ago and have absolutely no complaints so far.
The most popular products for male enhancements include:
· Penis Enlargement Pills
· Penis Patches
· Traction Devices
· Exercise Routines to make the penis bigger
· Penis pumps (mostly outdate and no longer used, except by very few people)
My personal favorite is the Extenze, which is comprised of combination of pills, exercises and a traction device. It has helped by member increase nearly 3 inches in a period of about 5 months.
As you may have read in some of my other articles, I am an avid believer and highly biased towards the Extenze. Then again! Why not? My penis is nearly twice the size it used be. My confidence is all time high, sex life is getting better by the day.
By no means is Extenze the only system I've ever used. I started of like most people trying the penis enlargement pill, working by way up to patches and then to the Extenze system. The pills and patches helped me make moderate gains about one and half inches, but to get the other one and half inches, I had to step it up to the system.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

barbara parker sets new uk record in 3k

Brian and I went with our friends, John and Melissa, and their two sons to see Superman Returns yesterday (the 4th of July).  They were so sweet and treated us to the movie for our anniversary (though we tried not to let them).  Their boys wore their Superman pajamas and gave us plastic Superman rings to wear (so all of us had the rings on).  The kids were great through the whole movie - I was so proud of them.
I become like a little kid when I watch some movies, and Superman Returns was definitely one of those movies for me.  When you hear that John Williams soundtrack, how can you not get all excited and hopeful for what's going to come next? Because of different reviews I'd heard, my actual expectations for the movie weren't terribly high, but I went into the theater deciding to ignore everything I'd heard - good or bad - and just enjoy myself and get lost in the story....and I certainly did just that.
The story itself was good - updated for the 21st century (with Lois having a kid and not being married - something I wouldn't have expected from the Christopher Reeve era).  Kevin Spacey was awesome as Lex Luther and there were great effects and twists and turns.  The plot surrounding Lois' son was rather obvious from the beginning, but fun nonetheless.  And it was like any typical superhero movie - the mere mortals get themselves into trouble time and time again and the hero swoops in from nowhere to save the day.  And knowing that it was going to happen didn't make it any less exciting when it did.  I was excited waiting to see how he was going to save the day over and over again. There were plenty of campy and tongue-in-cheek jokes that it kept from taking itself too seriously.
One criticism I heard was that Superman's slogan "Truth, Justice and the American Way" was changed to "Truth, Justice and all that other stuff." When I first heard that they changed the slogan, I was upset - thinking that Superman himself changed the slogan and said it during the movie.  Then, in watching the movie, you realize that the "new version" of the slogan is said by the editor of the Daily Planet in his crass newspaper editor kind of way and it was actually funny and well-timed in the movie.  I wasn't upset at all about that once I saw the scene.
Another criticism I heard was that the correlation between the Superman figure and Christ was too strong.  I think that - while it wasn't exactly subtle - it was well done.  Lois and Superman have a whole conversation about the world needing a savior (or, more aptly, if the world needs a savior) and the conversation was well written - addressing the skepticism in Lois (which won her a Pulitzer prize) and the needs of the world that Superman sees.  I loved that the conversation ended on the side of a world in need of a savior - and how Superman couldn't ignore the needs and cries of humanity.  The entire movie could be a great opening for conversations with people about the world needing a savior and about the desperation of people who don't have hope.
The movie - along with the current book I'm reading: Watership Down - got me to thinking about how every culture makes stories about one of their own kind being extraordinary and being the hero and savior for their people.  Superman is the perfect example - he's a super man like us in many ways - only better.  And he saves us all by his amazing abilities.
Is the story of Christ merely one of these myths and legends designed to unify people? Certainly not - but it does show how God used the form of man to reach out to mankind.
I think that these myths and legends show why God chose to send His son in the form of a human - that's the best way to reach humans.  If God came to earth in the form of God Himself, it would be too much for humans to comprehend.  If God redeemed the world from sin in the form of an angel, it wouldn't make sense to our human minds.  God used a man to reach men because that's how men reach each other - through stories that are myths and legends of men that seem beyond humanity.
It's a great movie - I highly recommend seeing it on the big screen even if you're not that into comic book based movies.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

michael johnson to return 2000 4x400

So I got sucked into the black hole of time that is never thought it would happen to me, but it did.

I know some people who have their little Myspace accounts and they check them constantly (these are smart people, so they're not on the news and, thus, you haven't heard of them).  I thought it was silly until I went - out of sheer boredom - to the site for myself.  After all, I can't criticize it until I've at least seen it.  I discovered the search function and realized that it wouldn't be too terribly hard to use Myspace to find some long-lost friends.  But, in order to read any profiles to confirm that a person actually is someone I used to know, I had to sign up and make my own space.  It's really sparse right now - and I can't imagine it getting more involved, but you never know.

So, I've done some browsing and I've found some friends from both of my high schools, both of my colleges, my grad school and even from one of my junior highs! I knew what some of them have been up to, but not others.  And, of course, there are the people that I've happened upon that I never set out to find.

I'm driven to find these people and find out how they're doing - just to make sure they're ok.  These are friends that I really cared about at one time and that doesn't ever really go away.  And, let's face it, we all love it when we find out that there are people that are doing worse than we are - especially when they were the people always doing better than us when we knew them.  If that wasn't true about people than high school reunions wouldn't be the big business that they are.

I think it'll be easier to contact my old friends through Myspace than through sending an e-mail or calling them - less fear of rejection with Myspace.

We'll see...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

athletics weekly not exactly optimistic

This past weekend was pretty typical for me but Brian had Friday off from work and today (Monday) off from work, too - lucky man.  Friday at work was definitely one of the worst days I've had here - a Top Ten Worst day, but maybe not a Top Five Worst day.  So, there's always an upside.
By the time I got home from work I didn't want to see anyone other than Brian or talk to anyone other than Brian.  But, I didn't want to be completely anti-social.  We called John and Melissa and set up plans for Saturday night and then we got into our pajamas at 7pm - it was glorious.  Brian and I had dinner and watched TV, including an episode of Lost, and had a great night in.  Brian has the amazing ability to relax me and calm me down on those crazy days.  I would start thinking of work and he would immediately be able to calm me back down again.
Saturday morning we had practice for praise band at church and that went pretty well.  Talking to other women in the church that are moms or that are pregnant really makes me want to have a baby sooner.  Sigh...I need to be patient with myself.  Brian and I spent most of the afternoon grocery shopping and getting stuff for the house.  At night we went over to John and Melissa's for dinner with their family and for games.  We played Dutch Blitz for the first time (I played one time a LONG time ago and didn't realize how much I'd forgotten!) and that was a lot of fun - except for poor John who couldn't play fast enough to keep up with the rest of us.
Sunday morning Brian and I went to both church services - we lead music in the first service.  Brian volunteered to shovel the church parking lot (so people could see lines and walk on the sidewalks) in between services and it made me so proud of him! The sermon was on money and debt - and it was almost identical to the sermon from our very first visit to our church almost exactly a year ago. Last year it was a great reminder to keep doing what we've been doing with our money.  This year it was an encouragement that whatever happens we'll be ok. After church and lunch, Brian and I took a wonderfully long nap and then just watched TV and hung out at home - nice and relaxing.
I definitely need more calm, relaxing weekends and days off!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

olympic news special thoughts on

So, I was reading on my statistics page for this blog all of the search engine words that have resulted in hits to my page and all I can say in response is: What??!!  What are you people looking for that brings you here??!! Sure, there are some things that make sense - like my friends' names. But, really....there are some odd ones out there.
This past weekend was good.  Friday night we went to game night at John and Melissa's house.  They do it as an outreach to the high schoolers and other gamers.  We were the only ones there to start and we played bocce ball outside before Melissa and I went to pick up her son at the VBS graduation.  Even though I don't have any kids and I only knew 2 kids there, it was still so much fun to watch each group get up and say a verse, sing a song, tell what projects they did during the week, etc.  I love clapping for kids - even when they're not my kids.  We went back to the house for more games and some high school kids from the youth group came by and we played a l-o-n-g game of Uno (but isn't it kinda redundant to say a game of Uno lasted a long time? Isn't that kind of a given?).  After the kids left, the four of us sat and talked and it was so much fun - exactly what I needed to relax and chill for the rest of the weekend.
Saturday we slept in (yay!) and then did stuff around the house - cleaning and painting and packing for the night.  We went up to Saginaw and did some shoe shopping and grabbed a quick lunch.  Brian and I are still very clearly working out some of those pesky "communication" issues in marriage.  I tried to explain to him at lunch - without getting madder than I already was (not really mad, but girly mad) - that while I shop with a friend it's because I want her opinion, but when I shop with Brian I want him to just agree with whatever it is that I want - even if it's ugly - because I want him to think (or at least act like) I have great taste in everything all the time.  Essentially, I want him to read my mind about what I want and act accordingly.  We talked, like we always do, and ended up laughing about how ridiculous the entire discussion even was - but, yet, the discussion had to happen so that I don't expect him to read my mind next time and so he can anticipate the fact that I want him to think I have great taste next time.  So, all is right and good with the world.
After lunch, Amber came over to Brian's dad's house and we hung out and got stuff together for dinner.  Nicoley came over for dinner, too, which was a fun addition.  It's so nice to have friends that I can just sit around and talk with and not worry about if we're "doing" something or not.  After dinner, Brian and I curled up on the couch to watch cable (Hogan Knows Best - woo-hoo!) and spend quality time together.
Sunday morning was our last scheduled time in a role at our church in Saginaw.  We'll still play with the praise band on weeks that we visit, but we're no longer on the schedule to play, clean-up, and I'm done with the 2-3 year-olds.  I really went out on a bang with them, too - 9 kids showed up (and we usually never have more than 6)! Luckily, there was another girl there who was able to help me and my usual helper.  We didn't get through the game I wanted to play - there was way too much chaos - but we got through the lesson while they were eating their snack, so I felt like I accomplished something at least.  I'll miss the kids running up to hug me and asking me fun questions and playing with them, but I won't miss the screaming, the running and the lack of potty training!
Sunday after church Brian and I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and then headed back home.  We both ended up crashing for a 3 hour nap and then spent a relaxing night at home.  Brian did more painting and I made a feeble effort to look like I was helping by moving furniture around for him and doing the dishes to stay out of his way.
We're one week away from our anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, as Brian and I will keep calling it: Our Honeymoon. =)