Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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So, I was reading on my statistics page for this blog all of the search engine words that have resulted in hits to my page and all I can say in response is: What??!!  What are you people looking for that brings you here??!! Sure, there are some things that make sense - like my friends' names. But, really....there are some odd ones out there.

This past weekend was good.  Friday night we went to game night at John and Melissa's house.  They do it as an outreach to the high schoolers and other gamers.  We were the only ones there to start and we played bocce ball outside before Melissa and I went to pick up her son at the VBS graduation.  Even though I don't have any kids and I only knew 2 kids there, it was still so much fun to watch each group get up and say a verse, sing a song, tell what projects they did during the week, etc.  I love clapping for kids - even when they're not my kids.  We went back to the house for more games and some high school kids from the youth group came by and we played a l-o-n-g game of Uno (but isn't it kinda redundant to say a game of Uno lasted a long time? Isn't that kind of a given?).  After the kids left, the four of us sat and talked and it was so much fun - exactly what I needed to relax and chill for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we slept in (yay!) and then did stuff around the house - cleaning and painting and packing for the night.  We went up to Saginaw and did some shoe shopping and grabbed a quick lunch.  Brian and I are still very clearly working out some of those pesky "communication" issues in marriage.  I tried to explain to him at lunch - without getting madder than I already was (not really mad, but girly mad) - that while I shop with a friend it's because I want her opinion, but when I shop with Brian I want him to just agree with whatever it is that I want - even if it's ugly - because I want him to think (or at least act like) I have great taste in everything all the time.  Essentially, I want him to read my mind about what I want and act accordingly.  We talked, like we always do, and ended up laughing about how ridiculous the entire discussion even was - but, yet, the discussion had to happen so that I don't expect him to read my mind next time and so he can anticipate the fact that I want him to think I have great taste next time.  So, all is right and good with the world.
After lunch, Amber came over to Brian's dad's house and we hung out and got stuff together for dinner.  Nicoley came over for dinner, too, which was a fun addition.  It's so nice to have friends that I can just sit around and talk with and not worry about if we're "doing" something or not.  After dinner, Brian and I curled up on the couch to watch cable (Hogan Knows Best - woo-hoo!) and spend quality time together.

Sunday morning was our last scheduled time in a role at our church in Saginaw.  We'll still play with the praise band on weeks that we visit, but we're no longer on the schedule to play, clean-up, and I'm done with the 2-3 year-olds.  I really went out on a bang with them, too - 9 kids showed up (and we usually never have more than 6)! Luckily, there was another girl there who was able to help me and my usual helper.  We didn't get through the game I wanted to play - there was way too much chaos - but we got through the lesson while they were eating their snack, so I felt like I accomplished something at least.  I'll miss the kids running up to hug me and asking me fun questions and playing with them, but I won't miss the screaming, the running and the lack of potty training!
Sunday after church Brian and I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and then headed back home.  We both ended up crashing for a 3 hour nap and then spent a relaxing night at home.  Brian did more painting and I made a feeble effort to look like I was helping by moving furniture around for him and doing the dishes to stay out of his way.
We're one week away from our anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, as Brian and I will keep calling it: Our Honeymoon. =)

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